About BioCrowd

BioCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform where biology experts annotate microscopic images. Different annotation tasks are represented in various mini-games, such as counting of cells, localization of colonies and classification of vesicle locations. These are domain specific tasks that require expertise beyond what the general crowd can provide. We employ a variety of gaming elements such as badges, points and levels in order to motivate and optimize the experts effort. BioCrowd is part of our CrowdTruth pipeline where machine processing, paid crowdsourcing and nichesourcing come together. BioCrowd aims to engage an active community of experts, to advance biology and specifically cancer research.

Active Campaigns


Some annotations have a more pressing need to be done. This is where campaigns come in; If you do all the games of a campaign you will get a bonus score for finishing the campaign. Try the tutorial campaign, it entails playing all minigames at least once.